Using Cuelang With Go for LLM Data Extraction

I have been aware of Cuelang (CUE) pretty much since the early stages of its development. It always seemed to me the language had the potential to solve a lot of problems in the ocean of YAML which we found ourselves drowning in the Cloud Native ecosystem. CUE excels in validating data against strictly defined schemas and is equally capable of generating code for data models from them. These are wonderful features, though I hadn’t found the perfect application for them in any of the projects I had been working on. [Read More]
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Builders Are Happier But What Happens When AI Takes Over

I have been busy hacking since I got back from my long holidays. I didn’t miss computers while travelling around the world. Not for a second. When you hike up a volcano and engorge yourself in the beautiful views only this planet can reward you with it’s hard to think of computers let alone hacking. But now that I’m back and re-engaged my hacking mode I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for what the act of building software gives me. [Read More]

A Small Tool for Exploring Text Embeddings

Last year I wrote about the superpowers text embeddings can give you and how I tried using them to compare the song lyrics of some music artists. Though the results failed to paint the picture I hoped for – this was due to the methodology, or rather lack thereof – it made me appreciate the importance of simple open source tools (OSS) in the currently booming AI/LLM space. To get to the point of displaying the embedding projections in the blog post I had to jump through some hoops and combine a lot of different Go modules before I could finally generate the nice interactive plots from the computed data. [Read More]

Fun With AI Embeddings in Go

Update 9th January, 2024: Changed the title to “Fun With AI Embeddings in Go” Before the end of last year, I visited San Francisco (SF) for a few weeks. It felt great meeting some old friends and ex-colleagues face-to-face after a long hiatus. There is something incredibly refreshing about being in the same room with the folks you’ve spent chatting to so much time over the past few years on Zoom or Slack. [Read More]
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