Using Cuelang With Go for LLM Data Extraction

I have been aware of Cuelang (CUE) pretty much since the early stages of its development. It always seemed to me the language had the potential to solve a lot of problems in the ocean of YAML which we found ourselves drowning in the Cloud Native ecosystem. CUE excels in validating data against strictly defined schemas and is equally capable of generating code for data models from them. These are wonderful features, though I hadn’t found the perfect application for them in any of the projects I had been working on. [Read More]
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Go or Rust? Just Listen to the Bots

It all started as a joke. I was in a group chat with a few of my friends and we were talking about football (soccer for the American readers). I entered the chat during a mildly heated discussion about the manager of a team one of my friends supports. It was going on for a bit while with seemingly no end in sight when it occurred to me that I could just as well clone my friends’ voices and pit them against each other by backing them with LLMs, and I’d probably not see much difference in the conversation. [Read More]