Go or Rust? Just Listen to the Bots

It all started as a joke. I was in a group chat with a few of my friends and we were talking about football (soccer for the American readers). I entered the chat during a mildly heated discussion about the manager of a team one of my friends supports. It was going on for a bit while with seemingly no end in sight when it occurred to me that I could just as well clone my friends’ voices and pit them against each other by backing them with LLMs, and I’d probably not see much difference in the conversation. [Read More]

Rust tokio task cancellation patterns

Update: 19/04/2024: read at the end of the post for more info. I have been trying to pick up Rust again recently. It’s been a bit of a slow burn at the beginning but I think I’m finally starting to feel the compounding effects kicking in. Maybe it’s just my brain playing a trick on me, but I’m feeling at much more ease when writing Rust now than I was a few weeks back. [Read More]

Circular Buffer Performance Trick

Update 12/04/2024: Read at the end of the post for more info. I have been hacking on AI agents recently for both fun and profit as part of the work I’m doing for one of my clients. They’re mostly text-to-speech (TTS) agents leveraging LLMs for generating text which is then turned into voice by a trained TTS model. As you [probably] know, maintaining conversation with LLMs over a longer period of time requires maintaining the conversational context and sending it back to the LLM along with your follow-up prompts to prevent the LLMs from “hallucinating” from the get-go. [Read More]