Getting Started With LDAP in Go

Recently I had to write a fair amount of Go code which interacts with Active Directory (AD) for one of my clients. AD uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) [1] for client-server communication. LDAP is a very mature and powerful protocol to interact with directory services, though some of my friends argue that it’s a bit of a relic of past at this point. I disagree with this sentiment, but my explanation why would probably take a whole another blog post. [Read More]

Build a Graph of Kubernetes API Objects in Go

Over the past few months, I have been rekindling my interest in graph theory. I’m not quite sure what has caused this shift in my mind as I didn’t play with graphs too much since I graduated many moons ago, besides the occasional interview preparation. Maybe it was my reading about all the new graph databases that have come to existence over the past few years, or maybe it was my interest in the Graph Neural Networks which also seem to have (re)gained a lot of attention in the research community or maybe, stimulated by the recent coronavirus outbreak, it was the result of my random thinking of the ever so increasingly interconnected nature of our world. [Read More]

Happy 5th Birthday Kubernetes London

On 26th March Kubernetes London Meetup planned to host another event. It was supposed to be our 5th birthday so we had worked hard to make the event, to quote Kelsey Hightower, “Dope”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as the coronavirus disrupted all levels of public life in a way our generation never experienced before. This blog post is the long version of the short talk I wanted to give at the event to walk through some of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in the past 5 years as one of the Meetup organizers. [Read More]

Swift ARKit Sun iPhone App for Londoners

If you happen to be one of the lucky people living in London you couldn’t miss we’ve had a bit of a sunlight crisis [not just recently]. Instead of the usual vitamin D deficiency which we are used to being brought to our attention during regular health checks things have been a little bit worse than that. First we got a visit by storm Ciara which was then shortly followed by storm Dennis. [Read More]
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Breadth-first search using Go standard library

Just like many Go developers out there, I’m a big fan of Go standard library. Over the past few years I’ve been hacking on Go, I’ve discovered some real gems that not only made my life as a developer easier (no need to maintain unnecessary code), but they also made my code considerably more readable for others to follow. The last time I blogged I talked about how you can leverage Go standard library to generate weighted random draws. [Read More]

WASM: Universal Application Runtime

WASM: universal application runtime Last summer, fresh off my last freelance gig, I was catching up with my friend Asim, the founder of the widely popular microservices company, Micro at one of our favourite coffee shops in London. We would end up meeting almost every week talking about the presence and the future of technology. But that day our conversation turned into something that we had not talked about for a long time: Web assembly (WASM). [Read More]

Weighted Random Draws in Go

When working on my last project I needed to find a way to draw a random number from a list based on some weight assigned to it i.e. given a list of numbers each of which has a weight assigned to it, I had to find a way to draw a number from the list based on the weight. The numbers which have higher weight assigned to them should be more likely to be drawn than the numbers with lower weights. [Read More]

Apollo program, Kalman Filter and Go

Before the end of the last year I went to see a movie made by one of my favourite movie directors, Damien Chazelle. The movie is called First Man and it tells the story of the journey of the first man on the Moon. I am also a bit of a space nerd, so my expectations were sky high. I was happy to find out the movie delivered on its promise. [Read More]

Edge computing with Go and Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick

This summer I spent quite a bit of time speaking to various people about “intelligent” Edge computing. I put double quotes around the word intelligent to avoid the wrath of the thought leaders on the internet as they fight each other over what intelligence is and what is not. The more I talked to people the more I was realizing the possibilities and opportunities the edge computing opens up for the future: “injecting” intelligence into dumb physical objects seems akin to injecting “life” to dead objects, at least for us, scifi fans, which makes up for interesting vision of the future (for brevity let’s ignore the IoT security issues in this post). [Read More]

Tensorflow conditionals and while loops

Tensorflow conditionals and while loops Recntly I found myself needing to implement more advanced control flow in some models I have been hacking on in my free time. In past I never really needed any graph conditionals or loops or any combinations thereof, so I had to dive into documentation and read up on them. This blog post covers tf.cond and tf.while_loop control flow operations and was written to document and share my experience learning about them. [Read More]